Cellphones are more harm than good? New research about Cellphones

Cellphones are more harm than good? it’s true that we are taking harmful items in our hands and these die us slowly. ARGUABLY, cell phones have become a necessity for humanity. In today’s world of technology, it can be difficult to imagine life without mobile phones. Although the device offers endless benefits for the user, it has flaws that may not be known by the user. Most people sleep with their phones next to or under pillows, while others keep their phones in their arms when they sleep. Many do not realize the potential risks and long-term effects of keeping cell phones close to the head while they sleep. A monitoring study revealed that four out of five mobile phone users check their phones during the first 15 minutes of waking up. This is true in its meaning.

At some time last year, the study warned the US National Institutes of Health. UU., NIH, that radiation from mobile phones could cause cancers of the heart, brain, and adrenal glands. Scientists suggest that men, in particular, should take precautions to reduce the exposure of sensitive areas of the body to radiation from mobile phones.

Cellphones are more harm than good?
Cellphones are more harm than good

A recent study revealed that people who talk a lot on the phone with their mobile phones in the right ear are vulnerable to memory loss. The radiation of mobile phones causes harmful health problems This is because cell phones provide energy such as radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, RF-EMF, which carry information in the form of calls or text messages between phones and cell phone towers. Cell phones generally operate by sending and receiving microwave radiofrequency radiation. These radiations can be transmitted to the body of people or can be absorbed by the body when the phones are in use.

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A radiologist from the University of Nigeria, UNN, Enugu, once said: “There is a constant struggle between mobile phone companies and the medical research community, where there has been clear evidence of a relationship between the increase in cases of gliomas and the usual symptoms of holding the phone in the right ear A tumor is a type of tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord. Health experts generally advise mobile phone users to always receive calls with the left ear because the use of the right ear will directly affect the brain.

In a research study, it was discovered that there is a strong correlation between the domain of the brain and the ear used to listen to a mobile phone. The study briefly explained this method: if you are a left thinker, you are likely to use your right hand to hold your cell phone in your right ear. This means that the information received in the right ear is transferred or transferred directly to the left hemisphere of the brain dominated by language. In the same way that we have the right side of the body controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain.

Wireless base stations for mobile network providers may have some possible health impacts given the radiation emission. People who live or reside near the base stations are recommended to check the radiation level and make efforts to control the radiation if they feel at risk. American Journal of Engineering Research, AJER, 2017, revealed that: “… people who live near base stations for a long period with or without a mobile phone, and also that heavy phone users who are close to Base stations are exposed to some potential health risks such as fatigue, sleep disorders, headache, feeling uncomfortable, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disorders, irritability, hearing disorders, skin problems, cardiovascular disorders, and dizziness.

Cellphones are more harm than good
Cellphones are more harm than good

Some health experts have warned against prolonged use of mobile phones. For long calls, placing phones in speakerphone mode when answering these calls to avoid getting close to the head or ear, or using a hands-free device, is another alternative to placing the mobile phone directly in the ear. And our cell phones must be closed at night. We must keep cell phones completely out of our beds to avoid radiation from the device. For those whose cell phones act as an alarm, they can put the phone in airplane mode to disconnect the network signals that attract radiation.

Two years ago, an official from the Communications Commission of Nigeria, NCC, warned Nigerians not to use inferior phones, saying the use was responsible for some cancer. But the NCC then revealed the report, saying it had not claimed that cell phones caused cancer.

So NCC insisted that cell phones don’t cause cancer. According to NCC, there is a parameter called Specific Absorption Rate, SAR, which has a threshold below and is safe to use the phone, and all phones approved by the commission have a SAR lower than the limit mark that makes these Phones safe to use.

To stay safe and healthy, whether cell phones cause cancer or not, avoid prolonged convergence of mobile phones from the head or ear during long calls. Headphones, Bluetooth devices, and other hands-free accessories can be approved for use during calls, especially long calls.

To be safer, I suggest that we write (text messages and conversations) on our cell phones rather than talk to avoid any possible health problems that may arise from the emission of cell phone radiation when they are near the head area.

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