The best Android Games Online to Play Right now in New Year 2020

The best and amazing Android Games Online to Play right now in the new year. You stayed with all three players in true Fortnite combat, with a permanent eye on your enemies. Hold your heart, touch the shot and then … you enter the tunnel. Lost Relationships The winning streak has disappeared. Playing online on your phone is fun, but there are many reasons why you may know the best Android games offline. Perhaps the Internet connection is temporary, your journey may be underground, or it may be as if you are temporarily out of your reach and into your own world.

For whatever reason, you have come to the right place. Fortunately, most of the best mobile games do not require an Internet connection and play on their own, with headphones attached to the ear. From puzzles to storytelling, these are the best Android games you can find right now.

  • The High Odyssey
    The Alto’s Odyssey is limitless in every way: if you can, you can guide Alto and its cliffs to countless heights and hills, turn to gorges and leaping over the remains of the temple. But when you fail and you deal with plants, and you trust us, you will be very, very easy to start another race, see if you can go any farther, you may also find the next plant.

Although simple, the Odyssey feels glorious and sinks into something small: the purple sun rising over the city skyline or the way Alto’s scarf rises as it explodes. Best of all, it can be done.

  • Minecraft:-
    Minecraft, in the name of the much-anticipated 2017 mobile update, is better Together: but it’s still a fun game. If you betray, it means you can’t join your friends on your favorite server or collaborate on collecting it, but it does get you back to the basics of what makes Minecraft so amazing. Just you, the summit and the infinite world down.

Playing Minecraft can only be a meditation, especially when the fun of music is boring. We were able to spend a lot of time in the mines looking for diamonds but not getting tired, as they were looking for a higher purpose: a home that you want to build, a farm where you need equipment or a guided tour of the map. which needs a lot of supplies. Yes, you cannot express the fruits of your labor when bound, but there is still great satisfaction in developing a plan and seeing it together, and sitting down and appreciating your work.

  • Not able to live on cattle:-
    The premise of Oxenfree, a group of teenagers from the 80s who gather on the spooky island, is a mysterious mystery, but it will soon be clear that this game is no different. The weird twists and turns of the invisible will keep you going, but the character is the most appealing. Night School Studio coaches are captivating the characters of every word, and their exposure to the drama of youth makes them feel real.

Even better than what the participants said is how they say it. The Oxenfree chat system remains one of the best in all of the games because it allows you to choose when to move when to keep quiet or to select all the options available. You have complete control and the other players are always in the mood, which is not a bad song.

  • Your story:-
    We strongly recommend not playing it with your friends or with someone you care about. It’s not just her story, Hannah Smith, a serial killer in crime, who spends every game investigated by the police, but it’s her story that makes you decide on a keyword-based clip. What are you looking for? Hannah’s personality is unique, and you’ll know her skills and habits in investigating police data, looking for information on her husband’s death.

There is no better way to test your story, and each player comes out with a different theory of what is happening. The important thing is to trust your words, find keywords that are well-remembered and see where they end up. Keep playing until you decide on a valid story.

  • Mini Metro:-
    Have you ever thought that your city’s legal system needed a complete overhaul? Download Mini Metro, which lets you plan transportation minutes for a few minutes every day. You set up a pedestrian line to take passengers from A to B, your city only growing, there are new stops everywhere and it is up to you to get the points together.

It starts out simple, and to a lesser extent, it is not difficult to maintain your metro system. But if your city starts to expand and you can’t look at every single line, it becomes a great exercise in turning the dishes. This is an addictive way, and we can’t help winning the highest score.

  • Stardew Valley:-
    The best farm-to-table games are for solo players: for a long evening of cutting trees outside their homes, for a cold morning sitting next to a tree with a fishing rod hanging in the water, and as a custom in the morning. give virtual life a sense of composition. It is so much deeper, more profound than its artistic aesthetic, and its turn every season is a time for mastering new systems or mechanics.

We want your freedom. You can immerse yourself in the city, talk to everyone you meet and make a circle (and maybe even find a partner). Or it may be a prisoner, bound by his own land, which he forms with carrots and potatoes. You can translate each of their stories, but you won’t find them: they will always surprise you, taking the game in new and unexpected ways. It’s time to plant your roots.

  • Secret person:-
    This is where Wally / Waldo comes from, but it’s on your phone, and it’s better than the original because each image is moving. Its captivating screen adds an extra twist, and all you want is to reward you with beautiful images: the bushes dividing the leaves, the blinds opening in the windows and the birds flying in the sky with tsombokoko.

Every sound is made from the mouth, and they are so good that they deserve a click on each item, not just the one you want, to hear their noise, from the sound of the sound. river to the end of shopping. When you hear the “ping” you have for finding one of the hidden objects at each level, we can’t help but pause, smile and search for the next one.

  • Column Valley 2:-
    A puzzle about changing perspective with the most enjoyable levels you will never put your eyes and fingers on. They are a melancholy optical manifestation: a wide, circular structure that does not comprehend knowledge, but you must learn to bow to your will. The rotation of a few stairs here, the rotation of a good iron pillar, and the protagonist Rozay can make their way to the next screen, where you’ll find a new color palette and other impressive buildings.

It provides enough resistance to get you right, but it’s not a difficult game, making playing in a dream, listening to music from another world. It’s fun, and you should play it more than once.

  • The room:-
    The room is the best-loved version of Android: four games, each filled with unique items that require you to turn around, throw and set until you can see how things are going. Each puzzle is intricate, and each piece moves with joy, whether it be in an old-fashioned oven or reflecting around a chess camp. This condition creates the impression that you are in the right space and not just a virtual garden.

These situations reach the difficult point of the game’s other difficulty: they are so difficult that they are not always obvious what to do, but they are not so difficult that you are trapped for more than a few minutes. Everyone enjoys them individually, but The Room brings them together in a never-ending series, combining them with storytelling and style. It’s magic

  • 80 days:-
    Today’s mobile Inkle feature is as relevant and valuable as it was five years ago. You play Passepartout, the valet of Phileas Fogg, leading your users worldwide against the clock. At some level it is a resource management game: you have to read the Fogg Path while ensuring your financial and health. But it’s so much more. Each of the 150 cities you can visit has its own unique characteristics, and it is accomplished by providing suggestions that give you space and history, with a few phrases and pictures accompanying it.

You can discover every path you want in the world, which means that each race announces new details, and exploring just one track can completely change what you see. You can even just zigzag from the other side, unobtrusive, but appealing to the wind. Each event and city tells a different story, and many stories combine, making 80 days feel alive and well. You don’t want to stop until you see everything on offer. Gradually, colonial issues are a refreshing change.

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